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Thread: RROD confusion...

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    RROD confusion...

    first of all, hello, im new... right, i'm a complete noob with xbox's and wondered if someone could shed some light on this problem?... i've only owned this one just over a week which i bought faulty from a friend for cheap, he said it needed reflowing and the shop want 30 to do this... the day after i bought it and did some research, i managed to fix the xbox by putting single penny's wrapped in electrical tape under the motherboard in various spots, resulting in the motherboard been raised slightly and not flexing as so, which also ment the DVD drive was pressing down more on the GPU which fixed the reflowing problem. this fix only lasted 3 days, then i was greeted by RROD again, so i took the xbox apart once again, had a look at everything and all was fine, after tinkering abit, i pressed down on the heatsink over the GPU slightly, and it started working whilst ever i was applying pressure, i gathered the lose heatsink was the problem, so i got rid of the xclamps and used bolts and washers on both heat sinks, after tightening up slightly, but not too tight, i got 2 red lights, which obviously means overheating, so i re-applied thermal paste on to the cpu and gpu, and both heat sinks (after cleaning off the old), and now i constantly keep getting 3 rrod, doesn't matter how tight or lose i do the heatsinks, i've spent a full day screwing and unscrewing precisely but nothing... the power button on the RF board doesn't work either anymore, but the controller and eject buttons work? perhaps this could be related to the RROD i'm getting?... I'm tempted to try the oven bake method as my last resort!

    sorry about the essay! hope someone can help?!...

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    Sling it in the bin....

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    it's actually getting to that stage, bleeding thing _
    my wii has never let me down! as for the xbox, pfft! if only nintendo would release some awesome games!

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    where did you get the screws and washers? I've seen kits being sold with sprung washer instead of nylon ones. When they are undone they cut into the board and wreck it.Hope this isn't your problem. Also sounds like you need a new RF board aswell.

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    we had our own washers and bolts, we have alot of spares in our garage, nylon and normal ones were used and i made sure nothing would short out. i've asked this same question on the xbox-experts forum, and they asked me for my error, so i told them i have error 0022, which is gpu overheating or gpu failure, and one guy said it sounds like the gpu has been bridged, which means the xbox will need baking at a low temperature for around 8 hours to unflex the board and straighten out any defects in the solder, then the full oven bake treatment to correct the solders fully and bring the board back to life, if that fails then the gpu will need reballing :\ alot of messing around!

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    Now you know why your "Friend" sold it cheap. I have gone through the same as you, one minute it`s working the next another error. Honestlty sling it in the bin or i t`ll drive you mad, just like it did me...mwwwaaahhhh

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    yeah, its only going through the errors because its the 20gb first gen, 2006 model, so it has a few flaws which can be fixed at home, so i'll do what i can to get it working without paying money out and i'll try to keep it running using external fans and without a case, etc.

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    remember you can use too much thermal paste. You should be using a dot the size of a grain of rice on the cpu and gpu. get rid of the darn pennies! make sure when you tighten down the screws on the heatsinks the board does no bow. Remember never ever ever ever power on the unit without the DVD drive attached. You do and your done.
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    yeah, i used a tiny amount of thermal compound, and i've already tried what you said above, the xbox is fine without the dvd drive, it just comes up with the hardware error, you're not suppose to leave the dvd drive off if you power up and it connects to live, because microsoft think you've been flashing. i think im just gonna take it to the shop when i have the money, thanks anyway guys

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    Start from scratch, remove all thermal compound, and double check that there is none whatsoever on the the surrounding pieces of the GPU/CPU seat, if there is you will get an overheat every time, something to do with the conductivity of the thermal paste which causes them to register as overheating. Then, dont use a rice grain size of thermal paste, use about half of that, you should have an opaque layer of paste, very thin. Dont use the pennies, if need be, dremel or remove sections of the metal casing for the screw ends to fall through, that will solve your flexing issues, you can power up the box without the dvd drive, that doesnt affect anything. If you are not afraid of a minor shock, or some heat, put the screws in, tightening them by hand, then tighten the screws slowly, one at a time while the board is on and RROD (you wont get shocked, as long as you are responsible and patient). Now the main thing you must look for as an indicator is heat. While the box is powered on place your palm on the heatsink, feeling for heat, if you feel no heat then the heatsink is not seated properly, when you do feel heat and notice an increase in heat, then you are on the right track. The GPU is always the easiest one for some reason, you should be able to adjust it and feel heat almost immediately after it is adjusted properly, same thing for the CPU, but it usually is really picky about the amount of pressure, but the bottom line is feeling for heat. No heat means no go, when you feel heat from both heatsinks, let it sit on until it over heats and then turn it off, turn back on and see if the heat changes, as in getting really hot, then let it cool for 20-30 mins on a flat surface, as flat as possible and then try to power that baby up and see if you get some better luck. You might get an error screen or two at first, but that is another good indicator, just remember to be patient about it. GL

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