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Thread: Which cios on what ios is installed?

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    Which cios on what ios is installed?

    As I do a couple of cios installs, I start to lose track if 249 was installed as 36 or 38, what 222 was installed on, etc.

    Is there any way to tell which base ios was used when you installed the cios?
    Or does it even matter?

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    You can run a sig check to find out. If its been a while you could also use the cios38rev17 installer to overwrite your out of date one

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    I tried that program, and it shows a few columns if stuff is enabled or not, but I don't really see which cios has which base ios.
    It does show which slot (36,38,222,223, etc).

    Now if I understand this correctly, the cios has some modifications, and when it asks which IOS base to install it grabs the standard ios (say 38) copies it, and modifies it with the custom code to enable different things, and puts it in a higher slot so that there is a clear distinction between Nintendo and Custom ios. It never does modify the lower ioses. (The only exception to this is when you downgrade the ios15 for a short step to introduce fake-sign?)

    So is 36 or 38 or 38 merged with 37 etc important?

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    no theres nothing to tell you which base you used rev14 and 17 default to ios38 you cant chose a different base cIOSx rev19 you can chose a base your self(not recommended) .Only if you remember but you can always install it again hermes ios222/223 so you remember....

    IOS 37 Used mostly by music games so hermes facilitates recognition of USB peripheral devices in the 2nd port while loading backups from the first.....


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