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Thread: Issue with Startpatch 4.1 using fw 4.1E

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    Issue with Startpatch 4.1 using fw 4.1E

    Hello, new here and confused, I have Start-Patch 4.1 on my 4.1E Wii, when I load by pressing A, It says -

    "es_init ISFS Get FileStats ErrorError -101"

    When i try to patch the IOS249 with startpatch 4.1 - Using Cios38RV17 as well.

    I did have preloader as well (which I installed fine but when holding reset it just went into bootmii rather than preloader so I have not seen this working yet) which I uninstalled as I thought it was causing conflict (all I want is region free as I have ordered a Japanese game), my bootmii is installed as boot2 and I was trying to run from IOS249.

    Any ideas please? or is there a way to use Preloader rather than holding reset button when switching on as I have said it just goes straight to bootmii and the only thing I can do from the Homebrew channel is install it again.


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    Mods can close now, my own stupid fault, I was installing everything fine just was pressing power instead of reset to get to preloader which I am happy with, don't need start patch now.


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