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Thread: game download questions

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    game download questions

    i have done a full soft mod and everything seems to be working i am downloading games from a few of the torrent sites but having trouble playing the games trying to play them from a lacie 250 gig hdd usb loader says waiting on your slow hdd when i download wich files do i download iso, ntsc, or pal? i have read through almost every totorial on here but have not found one on this subject if there is one someone tell me where or just help me out i know im a noobe at this but not at hacking ben doing computer stuff for a long time.

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    Waiting on slow drive usually means you have it plugged into the wrong USB port. ISO is an extension for image files (entire discs). NTSC or PAL have to do with video standards/formats. ISO has nothing to do with PAL/NTSC. There's a USB HD gaming setup/configuration thread (and links within to check for compatibility of your controller/HD) here. Please also realize wiihacks doesn't support, condone, or any way encourage piracy --- whatever you're downloading better be something you own.

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    if you modded correctly you could boot your wii up holding the reset button while the wii is turning on and from there... you can force it to play Out of region games including PAL and NTSC


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