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Thread: How Do I Install Official Wii Channels?

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    How Do I Install Official Wii Channels?

    Hi. Sorry if this has been discussed before, I tried looking everywhere for this answer.

    I just got a Black Wii that came as a virgin 4.2. I installed USB Loader GX following Messie's guide.

    However, I am finding it problematic to install Official Wii Channels since the system wants me to do an update. I honestly don't want to do an update in fear that it will either brick my Wii or cause some sort of problem. So is there a way to get these Wii channels like Check Mii Out?

    EDIT: I also just installed the Hacked IOS70 and Priiloader, if that means anything.
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    Have a look for NUS downloader

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    Enable disc and online update blocks in priloader if you havent already


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