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Thread: Super Mario Galaxy 2 Crash

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    Super Mario Galaxy 2 Crash


    I have 4.2U soft modded Wii. I am running my games from my formatted hard drives. All of my other games work fine but when I upload Galaxy 2 onto the Hard drive via WBFS manager everything is fine. I plug the hard drive in the Wii and load USB Loader GX and it crashes. After removing Galaxy 2 everythings works fine. I know its not a bad iso because NeoGamma runs Galaxy 2 fine but I would like it to work thru USB Loader. Any ideas on what the problems or how to get it working?

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    perhaps the cover png in usbloader gx is corrupted, it tends to crash when it tries to display a corrupted cover. remove the cover from your sd-card and things should be okay.

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    that was the problem. The pics didnt download correctly to the SD card but I fixed it thanks

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