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Thread: Best/easiest way to install IOS56?

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    Best/easiest way to install IOS56?

    Hi there - been trying to get SMG2 to load via the disc channel rather than using neogamma, but have a quick question.

    Firstly, I'm using a PAL Wii (3.4E) with wiikey 1 installed, Bootmii installed, HBC and also cIOS249.

    In the past I have only ever added IOS's as needed by loading up gecko and having it tell me is any IOS's were missing and let it install them. But for SMG2 it isn't prompting that I don't have IOS56, instead I just get a blue screen 002 error.

    I have read that DOP-Mii and also wad manager can be used and was set to use one of those. But Dop-mii asks me to install some fakesigned IOS first and so I'm a bit wary. I also have just read online that wad manager only works properly if your machine is soft modded?

    I obviously don't want to dive in head first when I don't have a soft modded machine (but the soft modded part does contradict the fact that gecko used to install the IOS's for me)

    I 99% sure I could go ahead and just use wad manager, but some clarification off someone with experience in these things would be great. While I know installing IOS's is safe - I don't know if that is the case without the softmod.

    Oh and if anyone asks, my wiikey and 3.4E firmware have stood me in good stead playing games up until now, so that is why I haven't ever gone down the softmod route. That plus I haven't used my Wii in quite some time Cheers

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    Wadmanager is the way to go. If the ios is not linked in the smg2 guide then you can look up a guide by Tealc on NUSD. It's a program to get wads on the pc, put them on the sd in the wad folder, so you can install it with wadmanager.

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    Cheers. I'll get it sorted once I'm back home


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