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Thread: wiiflow question what is the diff between IOS 249 or IOS 222

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    wiiflow question what is the diff between IOS 249 or IOS 222

    because ive been running usb loader gx and ive seen how gorgus wiiflow is so i installed it and both versions work so im wondering if one is superior to the other or?

    and as always thank you in advance

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    The only difference is the IOS used to launch the application and the IOS used as default to load your games will be either 222 or 249. Both will work fine for most games, save for the ones which are listed in the Problematic Games thread which require particular fixes. Overall though feel free to use either version, as they both do work well. I tend to use the 249 version out of habit.
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    I used to use 249...but with the new guys and 222 / 223's backward capatibility...especially if you have GH or Rock Band 223 will come in handy for microphone support

    overall, you're okay with 249 but you might have to change some games to 222 to play. If that doesn't bother you so be it, if it's a hassle then just use the wiiflow that autoboots 222
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    COOL bEans!!!! thanks for the info


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