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Thread: Some questions....( my fail title)

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    Some questions....( my fail title)

    A few questions I have about the Homebrew Channel and BannerBomb. I'm looking at running a few games, like Jewel Quest and an NES and SNES emulator.

    My Wii is about 2 (April 2008) years old. From what I've read, I can install using boot2, and not have to worry, for the most part, about bricking?

    I don't plan on hardmodding, just a softmod. What kind of maintenance is required, besides turning off Nintendo updates?

    Lastly, I plan on dedicating 1 SD card solely for the Homebrew stuff. I should be okay to swap with my dedicated Wii game save without any issue? This would be a regular thing.

    Any help would be appreciated.......

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    i think u have answered your own questions

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    On your harddrive (file name: Bliepo.crazy)
    If you install bootmii as boot2, your wii will be unbrickable, as long as you do not uninstall (warning: updating uninstalls bootmii!) it. Make a NAND back-up of your wii as soon as you have installed bootmii and you will have nothing to worry about. Bootmii launches before the system menu (the system menu is the screen where you can access your setting, launch games, basically the first thing you see when the wii starts), so if you brick, you can just launch bootmii and restore your back-up!

    You can block updates by installing priiloader.
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    Okay then. I am new at this, so I'd rather ask stupid questions, then to like say....brick my wii. So, if I download BannerBomb, and install the HBC, do I really have to mess around with DVDx or any IOSs assuming I follow the install guide here? I can just put the emulators i want into my SD card or use the application browser?

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    That being said...I do have System Menu 4.2U.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by todd524 View Post
    That being said...I do have System Menu 4.2U.....
    So I'd only be able to do IOS then right? So I wouldnt have to do a NAND backup?

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    If you have 4.2 you can follow the guide for that in my sig. If you can install bootmii as boot2 DO IT and make a nand back up right away. Yes, install dvdx and you probably won't have to install any ios's for a while. Ios's are what games use to run. Think of them as driver files on a pc that enables pc stuff to run. some use the same driver and some need an updated version or new driver. You're pretty up to date. Stick to the guide and do EVERY STEP and you'll be fine

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    Okay thank you so much junkmail. So i need these IOS's even if it's only emulators? Also, I thought you werent supposed to delete any IOS's that are lower than 200......

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    You don't delete the ios's, you simply install a higher version or install a version is one is not present currently. Emulators for oldschool stuff like NES do not require ios's.

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    Ok thanks again so much. So that being said I can just put install the HBC and Bannerbomb install the emulators/roms and stop there? So in emulation, all this resides on the Wii and not on an SD card,right? I'm sorry for being a pain, I just want to do this the right way. It's just to run old school emulation. No more.
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