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Thread: CIOS 38 ruined USB loader!

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    CIOS 38 ruined USB loader!

    Hey everyone, new poster here.

    OK, let me get to it quickly. I recently installed CIOS 223 and did all that stuff for Monster Hunter Tri, and got it to work. I then read up on getting Medal of Honor to work, and tried to do the "fix" that is posted somewhere.
    In the process, I decided to reinstall CIOS 38 rev 13. However, by now I had forgotten the process of how to properly install, so in the installer where it said "Select which CIOS to use to install" instead of selecting CIO249 which I should have, i selected CIOS 38, because I thought that was what was going to be installed. Stupid me. So I installed CIOS 38 USING CIOS 38.
    After the installation, it seemed to have effed up something, because now USB Loader GX won't boot up, nor will Neo Gamma Backup Launcher.

    I really don't know what the hell happened, and if anyone has any advice, much appreciated. Thanks!!!

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    Why would you install Rev 13?? 14 and 17 are what is recommended. Just Reinstall cIOS38 Rev 17. When it asks you what IOS you want to install it with CHOOSE IOS36.

    Meda of honor doesn't require any fix other then an ALT.DOL.

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    I do not subscribe to user fail/perversion of MH3 that blunder in the dark and not doing our softmod or our MH3 guide. Another MH3 fail thread closed (yes I realize this isn't the entire point, but Krank's already given basic info so...)

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