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Thread: disc loading help

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    disc loading help

    hello again
    my wii has been loading games from dvdr with no problems using neogamma 7 r14 249
    but today when my frinds kids were around they were trying to load games and playing around with the wii when i was out only to find when i got home my games would not load

    it kept saying could not read disc
    my original wii fit worked and my backup pro evolution soccer but in the middle of playing it crashed and said could not read disc

    do you think its a disc problem, a wii software problem or dvd drive problem i dont know what i should try
    is there a way the firmware can become corrupt easy with kids pressing buttons ?
    i checked to see it had been updated but its still on 3.4e in the settings

    thanx again in advance

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    i would try a laser cleaning kit b4 anything else

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    cleaned the lens and it worked but about 30 seconds in to the game it said could not read disc
    so i have the wii on lying flat now (last resort) and it works fine crashes yet and been playing for 1 hour
    strange but i remember some folk had to do this with ps2 consoles


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