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Thread: Burning Problem..

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    Burning Problem..

    Ive got a problem with a few of my backup games.

    Ive got a PAL Wii with D2pro and 3.3 on it, and on a few games Ive burnt they seem to show the game icon in the top left hand corner at the beginning and they go to the screen where it asks to play the game or go to wii menu but after I click play game it just goes black and doesnt do anything.

    Ive been using WIU1.1 to convert from NTSC to PAL on certain games and to brickblock it.

    Ive only just got my wii and so Ive burnt around 6-7 games, and 2 of them have done the above, Zelda Twilight and Wii Play.

    Does anyone have any ideas on whats happening?

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    stick to your region and they'll all work, some just don't work. Dont use brickblocker anymore, use wiu or wum, (search this forum)
    using that you can rip the updates out or replace them with your region. that could be the main reason why you games aren't working, if you have 3.3 firmware and you brickblocked them.

    you could install homebrew channel, then gekco os and run it through there and try.
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    Thanks alot for the reply will give it a try.


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    gecko os - super program, just put this on my wii to play usa games and it works great.

    just remember when using a ntsc disc, not to run it via the main wii channel, but use gecko os.

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