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Thread: MH3 on Wiikey2

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    MH3 on Wiikey2

    Hi all, I have a Wiikey2 on my 4.2E. And I was wondering if I can get MH3 working.

    Do I need a patch or something? Or just burn the simple game? Or I MUST have a softmod?

    Thx. :D

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    My Wii is 4.0E, and has the Argon chip(crappy Infectus hasn't released any update since beginning of 2009, and your chip is still supported)

    I used Brick blocker for MH3(which you shouldn't have to do anyway) before burning, and it works fine...And your modchip is also better than mine

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    So, I must just use this "brick blocker" and I can play MH3 even online?

    Mind that i wanna play MH3 PAL.
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    I never tried online, have only barely made it through the beginning, so I can't comment on that

    But you shouldn't have to use Brick blocker, seeing that your Wii is fully updated already...I simply wanted to be sure not to get the latest system menu installed


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