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Thread: Greetings from an old interwebs wanderer!

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    Red face Greetings from an old interwebs wanderer!


    I'm new to these forums. Well, I'm a new member, what I should say is I've known about this place for well over a year. :P But I'm in no ways new to the forum life.

    I hail from the great lands of Smash World Forums(maybe some of you here know of it?) and I've lived in its threads since I was 12. There I made a few good online pals and together, we migrated to SSBM Smash Down, which later became SSBM Smash Down Remix'd after a fatal viral blow. Both were obscure and unknown friend-oriented proboards made by one of said pals, who went by the name of Yoshi on SWF. Together, we moved there, but never forgot our old roots. As time went by, I visited other forums and slowly, one by one, my contact with those old Smash Worlders was lost. During that time, I frequented Super Mario 128 Central, CubeGambers(now X7), The Golden Lands(now closed, unfortunately), Pikachu's Pokechow(closed),, Talon Space Colony(gone), The Master Sword(erased from the internet database), Gannon's Tower, NintendoLand (and basically all its affiliates), Re Horror, gameFAQs, just to name a few. At one point I even had my own forums, which were called The Omega Gaming Ring, and The Guarded Lands, and a few more I don't even remember the names of.

    After a long time of jumping about from forum to forum, I landed again on Terra-firma at one called The Nintendo Network. That forum's main site was CubeGamers, so as you may have guessed, it's gone too, but unlike the other sites I knew, this one's a story I can fill you in on. During my stay at TNN, I was a Senator and a Global Moderator. One year, our active member count had become dangerously low, so a project was planned to bring the forums back. I went on vacation for a week, and left my position to a trusted member while I was gone. Operation Rebirth would be launched when all the forums' officers were present, but when I did come back, TNN was gone. It had shut own during my absence.

    That was the last of my forum days. For 4 years afterward I was on Youtube, made my own channel, and now make my own videos. The only forums I sometimes visit are those at, but the mods there are a bunch of d*cks, and I really don't care for their post approval system.

    So what's all this backstory for? Eh, just an introduction. I guess what I'm trying to say is no Senior Mod has to tell me to read the forum rules. As for what it is I'm doing here? I guess you can say I'm on a mission. As I mentioned, I have a Youtube channel, and on it I have coverage of Amine North 09, Otakuthon 09, and in particular, 3 very popular videos. All three are Wii hacking guides, and one of them refers to the 4.2 guide found on this very website. That's right, I've been promoting you guys and you had no idea! XD I give full credit of course, either in the video itself, or much more likely, in the video description.(I don't remember, I haven't watched my own vids in a long time)

    As for my mission? Well, that's another story. I've been in the Wii hacking business since the primitive days of the very first twilight hack. I've tried every backup launcher, from Gecko OS to SoftChip. I've installed HBC, Priiloader and BootMii, and I've done the bannerbomb, and the truchabug. I am familiar with USB Loader GX, WiiFlow, and Configerable USB Loader. I make my own Wii Themes thanks to Mymenufy. So what's the problem? The guides. Written guides are great, but if you're like me (which many people are), then to you, a good online video guide, one where you actually see what people mean in their guides, is worth a million written ones, and learning how to do everything I do was a pain in the a$$, because there are so little good video guides out there.

    My mission is simply this: use my Youtube channel and my HD camera to make video versions of the guides I find online, to make life easier for the other noobs on the internet. As you will see in the first installment of the 3 part series currently up, my bf and I were extremely happy to finally get that bloody thing working, and the guide we used wasn't nicely updated like it is now, it had terrible grammar and confusing sentences which made no sense to us whatsoever, so thank you to whoever decided it was time to clean that mess up.

    So yeah, that's my story. I know, I wrote a novel for my introductory post, but as you will all soon discover, I'm not the average internet 9 year old with the attention span of a gnat who posts one line of text and calls it a comment. >_> I hope to be a valued member here on WiiHacks, and to everyone who takes the time to read this mammoth post, then congratulations my friends, you've just set yourselves apart as the worthwhile members of these boards.

    Until next time, Happy Hacking!

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    Quite an introduction.

    Hi and welcome to WiiHacks Nemmy

    If you need advice or help for anything Wii related you have joined the right site, whether its hard or soft modded.

    Don’t be shy, ask if you are stuck, just don’t expect other people to do all the work for you.

    Before you start anything, make sure you read the rules go over the tutorials, and most importantly, search before asking questions.

    Make sure you post in the correct areas of the forums.

    Here is the site index wiihacks ultimate index written by ShadowSonic2

    If you are starting from scratch, new 3.1-4.1 written by Dogeggs

    If you already have Homebrew, upgrade to 4.1 written by Dogeggs

    Don’t update to 4.2, but if you are already on 4.2, complete 4.2 guide written by Messie

    Don’t update to 4.2, but if you are already on 4.2, Softmod for any 4.2 written by Shadowsonic2

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    Check yours at Wii Drive Chip Database

    And please do donate to the forum if you are able so we can go on helping the Wii community.

    I hope you have a great time here at WiiHacks, and increase your knowledge of all things Wii.

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