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Thread: installed usb loader gx but cant install game PLEASE HELP!

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    Unhappy installed usb loader gx but cant install game PLEASE HELP!

    i installed following shadowsonics guide i believe and ive been searching for hours and hours and cannot find why everything works but after i hit install the second window does not pop up asking if i would like to continue installing "XXXXXXX" PLEASE HELP!

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    install rev915 of GX link in my sig it will overwrite the one you have..see if that fixes it

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    thanks i will let you know how that goes, but until i try that anyone else have any suggestions?

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    I suggest trying a logical solution that someone suggested previously before fishing for more suggestions considering staff know what they are talking about...
    Give me a thanks if anything i said was useful or you found it remotely intuitive

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    Ok well i installed it and tested and it work so thank you!
    BUT! :[ the second day i tried it it stopped. i installed mario olympics 2 and when i load the game it stays at a black screen,
    and when i install other games it locks up the usb loader :[
    any suggestions?

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