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Thread: Please help an old lady with upgrade

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    Please help an old lady with upgrade

    Hi, I have the twilight princess hack with menu 3.2. I would like to upgrade to a different menu so that I can play the new games. I am so confused with all the instructions and don't want to kill my wii. Could someone point me in the right direction for some simple to follow instructions to be able to upgrade and keep my homebrew channel and wads? I really have read through a lot of the posts and faqs but my old brain finds it difficult to sort through all the info looking for my situation.

    Thanks in advance

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    You haven't read enough posts, you don't need to upgrade your system menu to play newer games.

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    You can click the update your old softmod link in my signature since you're way back on the twilight hack. Stomp is right though. Games do not require system menu versions, only ios's. Tealc has a guide on which ios's games use to run as well as a guide on how to use NUSD to download and install new ios versions. Be carefull not to mess with any system menu ios's if you choose this routhe. Also, some games require special attention and those games have guides on the site. New Super Mario Bros is the biggest one that needs some special attention. Look around. You'll get it going.

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    Thanks for the quick answers. That is good to know. I will search further.


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