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Thread: why cant i play my burnt games???

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    why cant i play my burnt games???

    HI everyone.. I softmoded my V4.2 wii a few days ago and have burnt a few games to dvd using imgburn as suggested in some other threads also i am using the verbatium dvd-r's as suggested!! now when i use the neogamma disc loader i always get a disc error 1252 can someone please steer me down the right path!!!


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    Probably cuz your wii has a newer DVD drive that doesnt read burnt discs...

    There is a new DVD drive chipset that is starting to emerge that will not play DVDR, if your Wii came with sys menu 4.0 or newer on it then it could be one, the chipset is known as a D3-2 and the only way of telling if you have one is to open her up, but as this will invalidate your warranty you are better off trying to load DVDRs and if you just keep getting errors then it is a good indication that you have one. The USB loader will still work though so just follow the guide as normal.

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    Sounds like a D3-2 drive, if so it's unmoddable. Should your Wii be less than a year old, this would be the case (a lot of the 11XX or 12XX errors all generally relate or point to this, though they're undocumented)

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    First you should post in the Introduce Yourself thread.

    Second, I'm guessing that you have a D3-2 chipset in your wii and it is imposible to play backup disk via softmod. If this is the case then your only option is to use a USB drive to play backups.

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    Thank you

    I appericate all the advice, I have read about the d3-2 drive but didn't know if that was the problem or it was operator error!!! Well I guess I am off to buy a hard drive to save all my games to for USB loading, also I will make a point to go introduce myself tomorrow in the correct forum.

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    you should just buy a harddrive and load and play from there. Its easy and it saves money on those DVDs. A lot cheaper and easier imo


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