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Thread: Quick question regarding future games and softmod

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    Quick question regarding future games and softmod


    I've got a quick question. If I use only a softmod on my wii, you got to use a bunch of special cIOS's and all. But if in the future new games come out, with I don't know what kind of new protection mechanisms, IOS's needed, etc, does that mean I got to install new stuff on my wii?

    In other words, after you've softmodded your wii, can you just play all the games in the future with no need to get into the modding process again? I understand there's no 100% guarantee, but maybe experiences so far?

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    yes softmod requires up keep(meanign updating ios/cios and the loader you using)not every week but when somthibg better is out.... there ll be games which will will require a work around... eg....nsmb,pop,

    when ever you have a problem playing a new game come back to wiihacks ..


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