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    Question Cover Art query

    Hi, I just wanted to clarify a few things that I'm a bit unsure about.

    I used WBFS Manager to put a game on my USB stick and it downloaded the cover art.

    Then I got an 'Exception (DSI) occurred!' dump when I fired up USB Loader GX because I didn't have an SD card in the slot for the cover images to be stored on. I assumed that WBFS Manager would put the downloaded cover images on the USB stick with the game.

    So in order for the cover to be displayed in USB Loader I would need to put the downloaded cover art in the 'images' folder on an SD card?

    And in order to put the cover art images on the USB stick I would need to create a FAT32 partition, right?

    Is there even any reason to use the WBFS Manager image if USB Loader downloads them itself?


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    the default settings for the usblgx is Images from SD not usb.... but you can change that in the settings of usblgx....

    or you can go to walmart and get a 2gb sd for 10bucks and make it easy.... LOL

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    or you can go to walmart and get a 2gb sd for 10bucks and make it easy.... LOL

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    Thanks guys, thats cleared that up


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