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Thread: Modchip, reason for no region free in 4.2?

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    Modchip, reason for no region free in 4.2?

    Didn't see a dedicated topic to this, and the searches on almighty google didn't give me any answers

    What is the reason that no modchip, despite being updateable, right now doesn't have region free when the system menu has been updated to 4.2?

    Is it simply that Nintendo has blocked every possible "hole" that the modchip makers can use, or don't they simply bother with region free anymore?
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    Yep that is what 4.2 is all about, stopping softmods and hardmods, no advantage to having it at all. There is a guide in the modchip section to restore this for you, but it will require you to use software and so it will basically be like softmodding.
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    I know that you can get it working by softmodding, but IMO you shouldn't have to softmod when having a hardware chip...Thx for the link tho

    But does this pretty much mean that even a possible Wiikey 3 or Wasabi DX2 or whatever new chip comes, won't be able to have region free when on 4.2 and higher?

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    As of right now, no region-free on 4.2 is possible. That's simply where it's at. I think it unlikely yet another generation of mod chip in the traditional sense will be developed and released at this point in the Wii's life cycle. You can do this to remedy the issue if hardmodded and @ 4.2 --- that's it.

    Edit: I should point out, this is in regards to "traditional" mod chips, Modderman says the WODE will do region free.
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