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Thread: Restore save games for a bricked NAND backup

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    Restore save games for a bricked NAND backup


    Someone has helped me unbrick my Wii for me. He has used NAND flash to insert BootMii and has made a NAND backup. He then tried to the system menu starting again. Because that didn't result in a working Wii, he has 'reinstalled' the Wii and now it is working again.

    Now my save games are on the broken NAND backup. Is there any way to restore those on the newly working Wii system? Any help on this is really appreciated.


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    Nothing that I'm aware of. Bootmii backups are mostly for recovery of Wiis and not for the recovery of files. Other NAND dumping tools exist that would have been more useful in this instance.

    Maybe someone else has an idea though.
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