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Thread: Super Mario Bros. Wii channel issue.

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    Super Mario Bros. Wii channel issue.

    Hey what's going on everyone. I recently created channels for all my games on my USB hard drive. I created all the channels using Crap. In creating all the channels i used the 1.5 mod with anti 002 fix. I have a hard drive formatted with a WBFS partition on it. When playing the games through USB loader GX they all work perfect. All my games were put on the hard drive through USB loader GX and are all real copies of games, not DL ISOs. The problem I'm having is that all the game channels I made work except for Super Mario Bros. It will play through USB Loader GX but when I try to play it from the channel I get the black screen error telling me to restart the WII. I tried all the 002 error fixes on Crap. Almost everything except alt dol file. That's my only guess of what it can be. I just don't get why it will load in USB loader and not the channel when I make the WAD have all the same settings as the drive. If anyone else has the same issue or knows how to fix this please let me know because Ive been searching everywhere and can't find the anwser.

    Thank you!

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    Ca crap options...

    Have you tried using the USB Loader GX forwarder in crap? The channel will load NSMB through GX... Thats how I got it to work.


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