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Thread: 2 duplicate usb HDDs, one fine, one jerky

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    2 duplicate usb HDDs, one fine, one jerky

    I have 2 USB HDDs with duplicate contents and which both worked fine at one time.
    Only diff one is 500 gb, other 640 gb.

    Was copying a single ISO to one using WBFS Manager. While this was going on, I was doing something else on the computer. Something happened the the whole computer locked up during this WBFS copy.

    Restarted computer and reloaded the ISO to this hdd with no problem.

    Went to connect this HDD to Wii and almost all games played back jerky.
    Other HDD still works fine without any jerkyness.

    Figured it something that had to do with the bad HDD when computer locked up.
    Reformated the bad HDD and clone good HDD to the re-formated bad hdd.

    Copy completed fine.

    Re-installed HDD and games still jerky.
    And again other drive plays fine.

    BTW bad one is the 640 gb.

    Any ideas?


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    You sure the performance isn't the issue? Example: 4200 rpm as opposed to 7200 rpm? That idea.... or the amount of buffers built into one drive isn't significantly more than the other? I remember "back in the day" when a drive had 512mb cache... nowadays, 8mb, 16mb, and even 32mb cache exists on certain drives and makes a large difference in performance when paired with rated rotational speed.


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