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Thread: Usb Loaders - Black screen after launching games

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    Usb Loaders - Black screen after launching games


    I am new to this but I'm pretty sure I have done everything corrently,
    It's a new wii, sys 4.2.
    I have installed bootmi (as ios), backed-up nand, priloader, cios38 rev17 ios249,250, hermes 1.4 ios 222,223 and 202(?). WBFS manager 3 with 64gb USB drive formatted to wfbs system..

    Tried Neogamma as channel - managed to play some DVD backups (mariokart, supersmashbros) some moderate success with DVD-Rs.

    USB loader GX is giving a black screen after launching almost every game!
    The only game that has worked is an old super mario world, super smash bros, and wii play, and wii sports. Have tried tinkering with settings, using force videos, 222, 249, 002 fixs, and even alt-dols from the ISOs.

    Wiiflow, not working either. tried ios38 rev 14 & rev 19 also.

    Im thinking the USB Flash memory isnt compatible, or Nintendo have added something on the new wiis??

    Have read a load of information about black screens and I'm still stuck! - Please help!

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    Thanks oddgriffin. I have followed various guides and already searched for this problem.
    ALso I seem to have had more success ripping games to USB inside USB Loader GX, than when using WBFS manager, so I am wondering if I should try another manager?
    Shall I post all the IOS versions installed?

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