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Thread: softmodded wii!

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    softmodded wii!

    well krank i said i did search but i read that the softmodded wii is slower and affect playing some games and make them slower
    will is thats true or not???
    and if thats true how to fix it?

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    why would you start another thread on this. I answered you in your other thread and also told you to search before posting.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    ur answer was on mauifrog guide,and u didnt answer me about softmodded wii slow problem yet
    and i did search

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    I just read the other thread and Krank did respond to your questions. Read more carefully, please. i will respond with more text and then close this thread. A softmodded Wii will play backup game discs at 3X speed, a hardmodded Wii at 6X. original discs play at 6X. Best for loading and playing is to play from an external USB hard drive as those will load and play games faster than even the original discs. A softmod is needed to play from a USB device, whether hard or flash drive. This information has been covered in a number of posts and threads and should be searchable. Thread closed.


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