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Thread: SMG2 and Wiikey2

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    SMG2 and Wiikey2

    Hey everyone I'm having trouble getting Super Mario Galaxy 2 to load on my modded Wii. I have had no problems with my Wii up to this point, but for some reason I can't load SMG2. I've read all over the web that I should have no problem loading Super Mario Galaxy 2 with my WiiKey 2 but when I try to load it from my disc channel I get a black screen and it stays there forever. When I try to load it with Gecko (through the homebrew channel) I get an error that the game requires IOS 56. I'm running firmware version 3.2U and the SMG2 version is an NTSC version. I would like the game to work through my disc channel but if someone can get it to work through the homebrew channel that is fine too. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    There is a thread for this game please stick to that when posting problems.....



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