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Thread: I would really like a homebrew app like this.

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    I would really like a homebrew app like this.

    Hello, i just joined the wiihacks community, I have noticed that there was no section for app suggestions. I have a fully softmodded wii 4.2u and has cIOS 249 with usbloader gx. i am suggesting a new app becuase i have recently lost access to the computer. and i had the idea that someone could make an app that senses what cios you have and giveas you a list of wii game that you can download and let you download it. I am sorry if this is in the wrong section also about my very bad grammar.

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    If you're talking about an app that let's you download ISOs from your Wii. This won't happen.
    1. Downloading ISOs or copyright material over the internet is known as Piracy and in most countries is illegal. So there will be legal issues if the app was ever created.

    2. The App would have to download to an external device as the Wii only has 512MB of memory.

    For Apps to list what iOS and cIOS you have, there's two apps possible of doing that.
    SignCheck (This app is made for the sole purpose of checking your iOS, nothing else)
    DOP-Mii (This app can check what iOS are installed as well as install new ones, patch them and more)

    SignCheck here:
    signCheck - WiiBrew

    DOP-Mii here:
    DOP-Mii - WiiBrew

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    Ya this won't happen. Also use syscheck instead of signcheck.

    Signcheck is dated and inaccurate.

    SysCheck 1.6.rar
    Damn I suck!!!!


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