So i spend most of the weekend looking around and trying to make n64 VC from .z64 ROM's....

Has Anybody been able to do this sucessfully... I made two .wads and they both froze....

Guide and Program that i used:

Hello folks, been gone a while but I'm back with some stuff to share from various places.

Frist off we will talk about WAD files, these are virtual console files! Joy.
As with any rom file, no links can be posted, google is your friend.
Nes, Snes, N64, Genesis, & TerboGraphics 16 all share the Wad file extension. (I'm sure theres more)
Basicly a wad file holds not only the rom file, icon, and save icon, but also a emulator to run in on the Wii. Joy!

Time to add the games you want to your Wii!


Next! Impaler WII Wad Injector!
This dandy lil pc tool lets you take a normal Wad file and inject your own rom file inside it!
A few things to notice are you'll need a larger then average wad file or the wad file will not accept the rom.

Note: This process does not change the picture show on the channel selection or save icon and save name, but does change the game and channle name. More on that later.

WAD Manager v1.21 by Waninkoko
It's a WAD Manager application for the homebrew channle that allows you to install and uninstall WAD files from your SD card, SD Gecko or compatible USB Mass Storage device. Simply create a folder on the root of the card called "wad" and fill it up with your new wad's.

BIG NOTE! YOU CAN VERY WELL BRICK YOUR WII WITH THIS HOMEBREW APP, so far I've had no bricks, but I've been very carefull to select only USA NTSC wad files, thats because my Wii is a USA NTSC Wii. There is a way to bounce back from a brick if you fall into a trap, it requires using Starfall long before this and enabling recovery mode and creating a WAD Manager disc, as WAD manager allows you to install and uninstall wad's, this also works on banner bricked Wii's.

I'm still working out the kinks on banner editing to make a safe and easy guide, I'd rather not post something I fully don't understand yet. But I'll get back to it.

If you guys and gals have anything to add please do, have fun and play safe.