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Thread: Super mario galaxy 2 problems! please help

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    Super mario galaxy 2 problems! please help

    can someone please help me ?
    Hey! I'm trying to play super mario galaxy 2 but i simply can't:
    I've followed a few guides:
    - I've installed cIOS 222 v4 or something

    when i'm trying to play it throug neogamma/ wiiflow/ usbloader gx i'm getting a green screen
    I have a pal wii
    when i've burnt the game an error says : disk could not be read?

    Can someone tell me what i'm doing wrong?, do I have to install cIOS rev 17 ?
    Neogamma says that I have IOS249 (rev 17)

    Thank you very much in advance!

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    did you force video to your region?

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    Why don't you seek out wiihack's Recommended Guide on this game? It exists for a reason...

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