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Thread: Tips for Virtua Tennis 2009

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    Tips for Virtua Tennis 2009

    So, I'm actually quite liking Virtua Tennis, except that I can't seem to beat my opponents. When i select Play, Tournament Mode, Single and Very Easy, I'm simply not able to beat anyone.

    My problem seems to be that my opponent can put me under pressure fairly easy, resulting in an out of balance shot that I hit out behind the baseline.

    Me and a friend played for a couple of hours yesterday without beating one single opponent. Are there any tricks or strategies that I can use to my advantage? I find it hard to believe that it should be so difficult, especially on the lowest level.

    I use the wii motion plus controller

    Thanks in advance.

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    Any one playing this game?

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    a little more practices, u're good enough to go FrenchOpen 2020 !

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    Thanks, can you give any advice on playing style ot shots that are particular effective. At the moment my progression has halted and I'm not going anywhere.

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