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Thread: Is it possible to install a wad like an ISO to usb loader GX?

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    Ca Is it possible to install a wad like an ISO to usb loader GX?

    I've tried searching but havn't really found an answer.
    What I would like to do is be able to install the BBC Iplayer WAD to USB Loader GX like an ISO would be installed so it shows in the menu listing with all the other games and have access to the same game settings options that games installed in USB Loader GX would have.

    What I want to do is be able to force BBC Iplayer to use NTSC even though its only in PAL. My display is not compatible with PAL. I use BBC Iplayer on my PC thru a proxy and it works great. I'd really love to have it on my Wii to watch on the TV in the kids room.

    I'm using a softmodded 4.2U.

    Any answers or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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    You can. Triiforce, a homebrew app, allows you to load wad channels off a USB device but will require a different partition than the one you use for games. Here is a tutorial on triiforce:

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    There is also a program called wad2iso.....

    have heard of it but not used it to much....


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