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Thread: Super Mario galaxy 2 Controller Issues

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    Super Mario galaxy 2 Controller Issues

    I have a softmodded US Wii on menu 4.1 with Bootmii, Homebrew, and Neogamma. I bought Super Mario Galaxy 2 today which requires a disc update so I launch it with NeoGamma 8. I read IOS56-64-v5405 was also needed to avoid some errors. I downloaded this with NUSD and am ale to launch SMG@ in NeoGamma.

    The trouble is, almost every time I attempt to start a new game the wii remote stops functioning during the side scrolling tutorial. No home button, nothing. It usually works briefly and if I'm running when it ceases to function, Mario continues running. The music has also stopped playing along with this malfunction on occasion. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've been reading this game works fine on Neogamma but it hasn't been the case with me. It should be mentioned that mine system is a launch system.

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    Tried Gecko OS 1.9 and it's working quite well so far with no issues. Odd.

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    galaxy 2

    all you have to do is install priiloader and turn skip disk updates on and your good to go, it may not be called that but its somthing like that,has to do with making the wii not look for updates on discs,you should be able to find it

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    There's a wiihacks Recommended Guide for this game. Try new batteries, resynching, or another controller. Beyond that, check out the guide.

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