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Thread: a lil help please because I can't be bothered with thread title

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    a lil help please because I can't be bothered with thread title

    So i hacked my wii today, its on firmware 4.1u right now. so after i modded my wii, the hombrew screen was upside down so what i did was uninstall it. This however became problematic very shortly, i have not been able to reinstall hbc i have tried both versions of hackmii and i keep getting a screen freeze... any idea?

    thanks a bunch,

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    states and i quote (

    "If your Homebrew Channel flips upside down then continue with the guide and when completed reinstall the homebrew channel"
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    I looked at the guide, i dont see any info on how to install it....any ideas?

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    The same way you installed it in the first place, it's in the guide. If you have further questions and are indeed following a wiihacks guide for softmodding, inquire within that thread.


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