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Thread: wii black 4.2u

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    Angry wii black 4.2u

    i purchase 1 week ago the black wii 4.2u version i cant put bootmii like boot2 only as iso and the dvdx doesnt work either.the only thing i could install was the homebrew channel.Can i install the cso249 and how because i read that if i dont istall it i cant install usb loader ,wiiflow and all channels avaliable for this version please step by step im a newbie in this thanks

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    yes you can softmod the new black wiis. do some searching as there are TONS of posts about this. Also, introduce yourself in the new members section before posting. Thanks.
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    Very few people now can install bootmii as boot2 btw. Make sure you do the priiloader part of the guide as it will be your only form of brick protection aside from knowledge. Nothing to worry about, though. Sounds like you're moving along just fine. Just stick to our guide and you'll be fine.


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