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Thread: HardMod Wii ONLY!!! Wasabi DX chip.

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    HardMod Wii ONLY!!! Wasabi DX chip.

    I just updated my wasabi to 3.0, and now my NSMBW works (YES!!!), but only for like 15 minutes (NOOOOO!!!). How do I make it work longer? And i have a 4.0U wii. Do i need to upgrade higher? I just dont want my wii to brick. Would taking out the WASABI DX modchip, updating, then putting it back in work? I also want super mario galaxy 2 so tell me about that too. And can i play online? Please try to answer at least one of these questions. Thanks for those who were helpful!
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    Make sure to apply the BCA patch to the NSMBW iso file (available for download here).

    Just drag the ISO to the .exe file and ready!

    Then burn iso as usual and ready to play.

    I have it done with mi Wii 4.1U + Wasabi DX v3.0

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    THANKS SO MUCH!!!! is it safe to play online?


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