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Thread: What do i reinstall the old version of IOS37 with?

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    What do i reinstall the old version of IOS37 with?

    I used WADManager like a forum admin told me too, but it's giving me an error and i can't downgrade

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    1.) what exactly are you trying to do.

    2.) what's the error?

    3.) If a forum Admin told you to do this, why did you create a new thread asking a similar question?

    A little bit of clear information goes a long way.
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    Ok, so i wanted to play Monster Hunter 3 Tri using Neogamma, from there i used the latest cIOS installer to update ios37v2070 to the latest one, but since then any other game i play my wii will act up, such as making my wii have to read the discs over and over again, like sonic and sega all-stars for instance, it had to re-read the disc 3 times just to get to the main menu! and i need a suitable program to get my ios37 back up to the old version, but wad manager gets an immediate error when trying to overwrite, how can i get the old ios37 back?

    No, i did something new but go a new problem, this is a response to number 3

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    Nightstah told you how to do it in your other thread. Only one thread per topic or it clutters the forum.


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