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Thread: PC Programmer question

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    PC Programmer question

    Hey all, I was wondering, I havent found any way to like, delete games from the sundriver disc except for completely formatting the entire thing.

    Am I just missing something or is it really impossible?

    EDIT: Also, is it possible to batch copy from Sundriver > ISO?

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    I can only speak to the first half of your post, but you can delete games by overwriting their slot. When you've picked the iso you want to upload to the sundriver, make sure you click the slot you want to overwrite before you press the upload button.

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    Allright, so no deleting on its own. Reason I'm asking is cause I (stupidly) updated to 4.2E, and now my NTSC games aren't working anymore. So I want to remove them since I can't play those anyway. I suppose overwriting them with their PAL counterparts or NTSC>PAL patches works, but still..

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    The program really needs to be updated with delete and moving functionality. Sorting games is a pain in the butt.
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    I have to agree completely, mate!


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