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Thread: Needs Help Upgradeing from 3.4U to 4.0U

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    Needs Help Upgradeing from 3.4U to 4.0U

    Hello, im pretty sure I have everything required to do t his, but I am very nervous about bricking my Wii... Here is what i have thus far.

    -System Menu 4.0 USA.wad
    -cIOS 60.wad
    -I have the wad manager ver. 14

    Now, im very confused as to which i need to install first via the wad manager 14. I literally just installed the hombrew channel last I am very new to this. im pretty sure i don't have any other ios's installed, so im not sure if that is a problem or not, anyway... could anyone give me any guides/tips..I cant find any strait forwards or easy to understand guides through google >.>

    Also, when I tried to install an ios earlier (not 60) I ran into an error and it just exited.

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    Probably be easier to follow OUR softmod guides to install all the ios's and update to 4.1.
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    I'm very new to this it possible for me to get a link to the guide? Does it have a list + download links for the files required?

    Thank you very much for your quick response

    Edit: also, I would have no problem soft modding it again, I know how..I just want to safely update to 4.0

    I found this
    But im still worried I will screw up if i just go ahead and install cios60.....
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    follow the that hard?dont worry youll be fine if you follow the guide. oh and by the way...why 4.0? why not 4.1......just curious

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    I very good question you ask........ I honestly don't know >_<..... -promptly downloads 4.1U -

    Edit: problem..I got as far as the Install ios60patched.wad but now i get an error when i try to install it via the wad manager. I get Error (ret = 2011) any idea what i should do?

    Edit 2: SOLVED!!! I was able to get IOS249 to using this guide.
    I ran into an issue were my Homebew Chanel flipped on me, but a re-installation of it fixed that. Im going to make a backup of my system fiels befor ei upgrade to 4.1 however....
    Is there a way to back up your files without having to use an SD card? (I only own 1 512 SD...and 4 gig SDHCs) Like a some sort of external drive or something?
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