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Thread: Super Mario Galaxy 2 won't load

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    Super Mario Galaxy 2 won't load

    Ok, I purchased a new copy of SMG2, and I'm getting a black screen! I have preloader installed with disc updates disabled, and I can load the system menu no problem, but when I go to click on the channel it just goes to a black screen and the remote becomes unresponsive, so I have to restart the Wii to get it back up. I didn't think that modding would affect playing new games unless the disc updates were still enabled. I apologize if this is a no brainer, I haven't played my wii in a long time and it's gonna take some reading to get back into the mod scene.


    Edit: I tried some other games and they worked...I'm on System Menu 4.0U...
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    A black screen can be a out of date ios

    Do a sys check -

    Post results here

    You need this one ios for that game IOS56-64-v5405
    You can use this program to d/l the latest ios and install them as wads

    It doesnt matter what system menu you are on its just an updated ios that came with the 4.2 update -but you need this one to hopefully solve your problem
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