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Thread: Haven't used Wii + WiiKey 1 in a long time. Questions about supported games/features.

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    Haven't used Wii + WiiKey 1 in a long time. Questions about supported games/features.

    Hi all,

    Been digging around the wiikey site and various forums and haven't been able to come out with a clear answer. I have a Wii + Wiikey 1 that has been updated to work with Super Mario Galaxy (1) backup and it also works with a Punch Out backup. I *think* it's at 3.2u and the wiikey is at 1.9g but can't confirm until I get home from business travel. My questions are:

    Are there any 'current' titles that will not work from backup on this dashboard + chip version combination that will require me to do any additional modification to my wii?

    Are there any titles that simply won't work from backup on my Wii regardless of what I do?

    Any ideas if this setup will work with SMBG2 backups? I don't think the game is out yet (released today, right?) so I understand if there's little info available.


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    Wiikey's homepage lists 1.9s as the latest update for the Wiikey chip

    I don't think New Super Mario Bros will work, since it has BCA protection, and I don't think that Wiikey 1 has gotten updates to bypass it

    In this part of the forum, SMG2 is listed as working on Wiikey 1

    Worth to mention is that the latest system update is 4.2 , and if you get that, the Wii won't be region free anymore

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    Thanks for the reply!

    Am I better off just doing a soft-mod to the system to continue staying up-to-date with the latest homebrew/backups? Any recommendations for how to proceed? Should I just remove the wiikey from the system? I'm not really enthusiastic about buying another more advanced chip.

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    I am not a softmodder, so I can't speak about that...The thing appealing most to you is probably that it is free
    You can use Brick blocker to block the newest updates

    My Argon has been abandonded by the crappy Infectus team, but I will still hold on to it as long as possible...As long as I can keep the region free and play most new games without softmodding, I am going to use this chip...I may upgrade to the most modern chip when most titles I want have been released, but for now, I am going to continue with this as long as I can
    Would personally try doing the same with your Wiikey, since I think these chips are pretty equal


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