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Thread: WiiVNC, Server Side Good Not The Viewer

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    Question WiiVNC, Server Side Good Not The Viewer

    I have set up my VNC server with my computer, but every time I try to connect with WiiVNC I am met with a long connecting screen that eventually just goes back to the original screen.

    I am behind a NAT router, but I have port forwarded the necessary ports and then some (5800-5900).

    I have tried connecting to both my WAN broadcasted IP and my actual/true IP, both after I have port forwarded and I am met with the same predicament.

    I have tried to connect with and without a set password with both before mentioned IP addresses... again to no prevail.

    One theory:
    I did set up my VNC server on a computer that doesn't have a wireless card so I use a USB wireless adapter(54mps, but my computer has damaged/crap for RAM so it sometimes reduces my adapter to a crawl or even sometimes disconnection all together) to connect to my wireless router... so could this just make things too slow for WiiVNC (I've heard it has speed issues..the VNC/Streaming aspect itself not WiiVNC). Even if this is the case are there any other theories or solutions?

    Other Information you might find helpful:
    VNC Program = RealVNC Enterprise Edition E4.4.2 (r13117)
    OS = Windows XP
    Router = Netgear Wireless N 150 (WNR1000)
    USB Wireless Adapter = Netgear WG111v2
    Wii Version = 4.2U
    cIOS's = Countless... the last one I installed was 222 and/or 223 I think

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    Hi there,

    I'm the developer of WiiVNC (using a bugmenot account)
    Have you tried connecting with a pc vnc client from the same network that the Wii is on?
    And is that also unusually slow?

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    I won't be able to check that out until tomorrow, so I will get back to you as soon as I can with that information.

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    Okay so I found out a few things... does WiiVNC support encryption?

    I wasn't able to connect to my VNC Server right away from another PC with Real VNC Free Edition 4.1 until I switched my encryption from always on to prefer on or prefer off... I still had a VNC password set though.

    Now when I changed the Encryption settings to see if that would let WiiVNC connect it went straight to "failed connection" instead of the long fruitless attempt of connecting. I tried it with all three encryption settings available to me (Always on, Prefer On/Off) with the original, Always On, getting me the long connection attempt and the other two going straight to the "Failed Connection" almost instantly.

    Now I'm not sure how familiar you are with my version (see first post) of VNC you are but when I go into the expert settings of the server properties I get this list of flags... anything I might need to add or change, most possibly in the SecurityTypes or else where?

    AcceptCutText - True
    AcceptKeyEvents - True
    AcceptPointerEvents - True
    AdvancedOptions - True
    AllowHttp - True
    AllowRfb - True
    Alwaysshared - False
    AuthTimeout - 120
    AutoKeyboardLayout - True
    BlacklistThreshold - 5
    BlacklistTimeout - 10
    BlankScreen - False
    ClientWaitTimeMills - 20000
    CompareFB - True
    DeadKeyAware - True
    DebugClipboardHelper - False
    DisableAccessChange - False
    DisableAddNewClient - False
    DisableAreo - False
    DisableClose - False
    DisableEffects - False
    DisableLocalInputs - False
    DisableOptions - False
    DisableTrayIcon - 0
    DisconnectAction - None
    DisconnectClients - True
    DisplayDevice -
    DosFullScreenToWindowed - True
    EnableGuestLogin - False
    FileTransferBias - 25
    FileTransferBufferSize - 262144
    FileTransferLWN - -1
    GuestAccess - 0
    GuestUserName - guest
    Hosts - +
    HTTPPortNumber - 5800
    IdleTimeout - 3600
    InTransports - IPv4
    LazyFlushTimeout - 300
    LocalHost - False
    Log - *:stderr:0
    MaxCutText - 262144
    MaxOutBufferSize - 4194304
    MiniUpdates - False
    MiniUpdateSize - 16384
    NeverShared - False
    PollConsoleWindows - True
    PortNumber - 5900
    PrioritiseFileTransfer - False
    Protocol3.3 - False
    QueryConnect - False
    QueryConnectTimeout = 10
    QueryOnlyIfLoggedOn - False
    QueryTimeoutRights -
    RemapKeys -
    RemovePattern - False
    RemoveWallpaper - False
    ReverseSecurityTypes - RA2
    RSA_Modulus_Bits - 2048
    SecurityTypes - RA2
    SendCutText - True
    ShareFiles - True
    SimpleRegions - False
    SimulateSAS - 1
    UpdateMethod - 1
    UseCaptureBit - True
    UserPasswdVerifier - VNCAuth
    ZlibLevel - -1

    Hope this helps you and me

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    WiiVNC does not support encryption of any kind.
    You'll have to disable encryption on your server.
    How to do this you have to look up on google.

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    Okay, I'm just going to say that WiiVNC isn't compatible with VNC Enterprise Edition because maybe the encryption doesn't want to turn off fully on the server side even when I told it too, but when I downgraded to VNC Server Free Edition 4.1.3 I was able to connect just fine with and without a password set.

    On another note... if someone was trying to use WiiVNC for the original reason I got interested in it (Which was to watch videos on my TV wirelessly from my PC) I suggest a program called ORB. The best part is it doesn't even require modding your Wii or money if you downloaded the Opera Browser before they started charging for it.

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    realvnc enterprize

    Im having the same problem i cant connect to my vnc server when trying to connect from my wii but I can connect to it from another pc on my network.. I'm useing RealVnc4x86 on windows 7

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    i am finally connected to it. has tried everything from disabling firewall on anit-virus application, changing nat settings on router etc, finally thought to change port from 5900 to 5959.

    it worked !!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by watermelon22 View Post
    Hi there,

    I'm the developer of WiiVNC (using a bugmenot account)
    Have you tried connecting with a pc vnc client from the same network that the Wii is on?
    And is that also unusually slow?
    I have WIIVNC on my Hacked WII and REALVNC on my Windows 7 (64bit) Home Premium. I have no problem connecting but the video refresh rate is real real slow and there is no sound. Is this to be expected or is there something else I have to do. Both are networked through ATT Uverse 2wire Broadband. It could be the band width. I can watch Netflix on my Wii with no problem.

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