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Thread: Updated wii from 3.2u to 4.2u for hacking and it wont hack?

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    Updated wii from 3.2u to 4.2u for hacking and it wont hack?

    I tried to hack a 3.2u wii and did so sucessfully but couldnt get it to load a game, so i tried on another wii and it was 4.2u and it worked so i thought i could just update the wii to 4.2u which i did and now when i tried to install the HBC it gives me a message This installer can NOT continue so on, please help me get the wii to run backup games, its not bricked just not hacked and i want to hack it Thanks

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    Why do people always think "I'll upgrade" as a solution? 4.2 is a more difficult tutorial/mod. You have provided absolutely no information here. There's an Error Index thread in the Recommended Guides --- I suggest you go look there for the trouble-shooting. If it's "no vulnerable IOS" for example, you have cIOSCrap installed.


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