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Thread: Trouble burning ISOs

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    Unhappy Trouble burning ISOs

    Hey everyone!!! First off I want to say thanks to all the great posts on this forum. There is a huge wealth of knowledge on here. I am looking for some help and everyone here seems pretty knowledgable... I have a bunch of backups stored on a hard drive that I am trying to transfer to DVDs. I have converted them to ISOs and verified them with WIU and WUM to be good. I tried burning them using ImgBrn at 2X with TY DVD-R dvds and when I put the disk in it recognizes it. Plays the intro then tells me that it cannot read the disk. I am able to play some other ISOs I burnt a while ago though on SONY DVD+R. I have changed the setting from DAO to Incremental to see if that made a difference and no change.

    Any other help would be greatly appreciated...

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    My understandning is that there are different grades of TY discs so that could be one possible issue. Also burning at 4x for single layer discs is recommended. If its only an issue with a single iso then it could be bad burn also if this is the first time using your DVD burner for Wii games then it could also be an issue with the burner. If you have access to Verbatim, Sony, TDK or Philips DVD-R discs then its worth trying those.

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    Yes for TY its important to#1 make sure they are real, (there are fakes on the market).
    Look for TYG02 and TYG03 for TY media made in Japan (the premium line).

    Verbatim dvd-r made in Japan/Singapore usually works well for most. But you could just have a picky wii, so you may need to experiment to find a media that works for you. Id also recommend burning at 4x. I notice on one of my burners burning @ 2x most my isos do not work, but burning @ 4x works great.
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    I have a Samsung Sata 203S and a Pioneer IDE 112D, I use the Pioneer and Verbatim 16X DVD-R made in Taiwan MCC 03RG20 burnt at 4X , they all work.


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