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Thread: Disc Won't Read, Only Wii Sports Works

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    Disc Won't Read, Only Wii Sports Works

    Hey there, I've been a reader of this forum for a while but I have never had a problem up until now.

    I soft modded my Wii last Christmas, and it worked wonderfully for a very long time. I hadn't played it for quite some time, then I decided I wanted to play my back-up copy of Mario Party 8. The game didn't load, just went straight to the "Disc cannot be read..refer to operations manual..blah blah blah" screen. I figured it may have just been the disc, but each and every one of my backups, as well as my original discs, made the same thing happen. The only disk that works is my original Wii Sports.

    So after this I made my Wii a "virgin" again following a guide in the tutorial section of this forum, and re-soft modded my Wii using another guide from the forum. Same thing is still happening. I have read many posts but nothing seems to help me with my issue.

    Any help at all would be appreciated. It is a version 4.1U Wii.


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    It could be that your drive is about to pack up especially since it is with original games also. I would try a lens cleaning kit first as this worked for someone else


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