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Thread: problem playing MHTri on Wiikey modded Wii

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    problem playing MHTri on Wiikey modded Wii

    Hi, I am trying to play Monster Hunter Tri on my Wiikey Modded Wii. At first the game starts normally, going through character selections and stuff. But once i entered the loading screen to the village, it will load for a while and tells me that "unable to read disc, check with Wii manual". So i took out the disc and try again sometime afterward. This second time i tried, i was able to get through the loading screen but not long after playing it shows the same message about "unable to read disc" again. This has happened to some other games i've burned before. im wondering if it is a problem with my Wii's DVD lens or is it just bad rip. If it is a problem with my Wii's DVD lens, how can i fix it? Thanks in advance for helping me.

    PS. I use ImgBurn to burn all my games at 1x speed.

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    It could be a progression of lens failure or just getting dirty/dusty. Burning disks at 1x is actually not as good of an idea as you might think unless you are using a very slow computer with not much memory. The data will actually flow at a much better rate at 2x-4x in most cases. Make sure nothing is running in the background and restart the computer before buning to refresh the memory. Then at least you can rule that out.

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    Well I have the wiikey2 and it worked fine the first time I burned it. But what does happen to me alot is that after awhile some discs will not read. All you have to do is reburn them and they will work. Just try finding a different release of the game and burn it at 2X and see how that goes. It should work then. I didn't have to do anything to get the game to work at all.
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