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Thread: How to determine if my Modchip died or my DVD drive died?

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    How to determine if my Modchip died or my DVD drive died?

    My wii: 2007 model with D2C chipset, D2CKey Modchip, 4.1U and Softmod (HBC, some trucha patched IOS's, cIOS222, 223 and 249).

    Games started having trouble loading recently. First it was dual layered games, switching disc brands fixed the problem.

    Then my games would come up with "an error has occurred" after clicking "start game" in the disc channel. All my games that used to work completely stopped working, even originals.

    Original pressed disc games (Wii and GameCube) do not even recognize at all which is what makes me think it's not the drive but the modchip. It says "Unable to read disc". Listening to the drive up close it seems to give up faster on reading the originals than the DVD-Rs. This to me is strange because even DVD-Rs would detect before giving an error.

    Using Neogamma helped get further along, but then the drive would make bad noises sometimes. It eventually hangs. I'd see DVD Error 1142 in Neogamma as well when trying original games.

    Also, the drive no longer spins up fast when first putting in the disc.

    Playing off the HDD in USB loader GX runs fine.

    What are the odds that one of the 31 wires on the chip came loose? The Wii has not been moved around since it's been getting worse and worse...

    Is this for sure a dead drive?

    P.S. Using the official Nintendo Lens cleaning kit didn't seem to help.

    Thanks for any insight.
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    Well the progression of unfortunate events you have described, sounds alot like the drive itself going bad, and it happens alot on disk based gaming systems.
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    Some usbloaders (oddly enough) still require a working dvd drive. Before you spent any money, I would format a thumb drive and softmod. If you're able to load from usb then I would consider paying for an external hdd instead of replacing your dead disc drive. Just a though. I'm softmodded w/o any chips and can play every game out there. Hope you get it going!

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    It's alive again

    Well, I took it to a pro to look at, and it turns out my laser is fine... I knew it, because I haven't used this Wii more than 100 hours over the 2 1/2 years I've owned it. What it really was was my DVD control board went bonkers, and somehow took out my modchip too in the process.

    So I got a replacement DVD board with a Wiikey 2 installed for 90 bucks altogether. Tried it out just now and works great. Discs cue up better with the Wiikey2 vs. the D2Ckey which would spin the disc up twice before loading it.

    It was a lot to spend on fixing it but I didn't want to give up on this Wii, the old ones are the ones to have, and even though HDD loading is great and all I still wanted to have a working drive.

    Thanks to all that replied.


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