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Thread: What Else Can I Do With My USB/External Hard Drive?

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    What Else Can I Do With My USB/External Hard Drive?

    First I'd like to thank the WH community for all the great information here. It's been a great help and has enabled me to soft-mod my 4.2U Wii and get all kinds of games running from an external drive. This is fun stuff

    I've been using one of my backup drives to play games on my soft-modded Wii (a 320GB SATA drive in a USB dock), but I really should put the drive back to use doing backups so I am going to purchase a dedicated drive for Wii gaming and could use a little help deciding what size drive to get.

    I plan to use a 512GB WBFS partition for games. I realize some of the USB loaders can work with larger partitions now, but I don't see needing more space than that for games that are worth playing. Once the partition is full I'll just delete the shovelware, junk, and stuff I don't care for to make way for new and interesting things. Also, at this limit, I shouldn't have any problems running into the 500 file limit.

    The WBFS partition aside, what other partitions (and sizes) might be useful? I read some bits about running homebrew apps and storing cover images on a USB drive rather than the SD card. What about Wiiware and VC games? Anything else?

    Please offer some suggestions on what other partitions I may want on my drive and how much space I should to dedicate to them. This will help me know what size drive I'll need for my continued exploration of Wii modding :C)

    I'd love to hear about your setup too! What kind of partitions are you using and what are you doing with them?

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    I think a 512GB drive would be more than enough. My drive is 232GB and has 32 games on it and it is like half full.

    On my drive, I have two seperate partitions: the first is a WBFS partition and takes up most of the disc, the second partition (100MiB) is FAT32 and is used for homebrew apps. I do not know about Wiiware and VC games as I do not use them. If they are normally stored on the SD card, they will be stored on the FAT32 partition, so you might want to make it bigger.
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    You can have an NTFS partition if you want. Thats what I use for movies. Plus if you wanna use it as a emergency backup in case something wrong with the comp, it can handle file sizes larger 4 GBS. The FAT32 partition can not.
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