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Thread: Firmware's : the good and the bad

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    Firmware's : the good and the bad

    We can have a section in saying which firmware wiihacks recommends and the disadvantages of certain firmwares ex: this worked in 3.2 and it doesnt work in 4.0..

    3.2 Firmware: 4.0 Firmware:
    benefits: ex this works benefits: sdhc channel support....
    bad: no sd card channel support bad ... etc...

    and a line saying what recommends people from being on. and if support for older firmware will be no longer included for new development ...

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    Ithian has a system menu explanation like that somewhere. A little searching should turn it up.
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    Yes, another one of those things you can find already by searching. Again thanks for the suggestions but look around a bit and you will see that we have most of the info you will ever need already on the site.
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    yes this site has everything on it I know lol but im saying a quick section to improve and help others. I am very experienced these issues are not for me lol just for new commers and also for a quick view point... like a status page


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