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Thread: Sin and Punishment 2 reviewed

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    Sin and Punishment 2 reviewed

    If you thought Nintendo was only good for making casual wiimote waggling games for the part time gamer think again. Sin and Punishment 2 is arcade style on-rails shooter that will please even the most harderned of players. The story line is simple, almost none existent, which can be summed up into 4 short sentences. The bad guys want the girl. You won't give her up. They send a truckload of enemies against you. You shoot anything and everything that moves. Amazingly enough S&P 2 doesn't need anymore story than that and I am glad it wasn't expanded. Instead, after a short intro you are plunged into an endless stream of enemy fire and epic boss fights that will light up your TV like the 4th of July, or the 1st if your Canadian.

    The controls are simple and intuitive and can be modified to use the Classic or GC controller although I do recommend the Wiimote and Nunchuck or the Wii ZApper. The game also has a nice learning curve to it. The first levels of the game run you through a quick tutorial and a few practice round,s as I call them, to get you warmed up before plunging you into the insanity as you take down wave after wave of enemies and dodge and deflect an astounding amount of enemy fire. I was actually impressed at how well the Wii performed considering the amount of enemies and gun fire happening on the screen at once. Truly an testament to the hidden power lurking inside the little white box (black for some). The music is reminiscent of mid 90s Japanese rock which suites the style of the game real well but those not fan of the genre might find it a little irritating and it would ave been nice to be able to have some alternate soundtracks.

    The game is fairly short, I clocked in just under 10 hours which left me satisfied and exhausted. I am sure that a more experienced player would end it in about 8 but despite the fact that it is a short adventure, the stage select replay and the online leader boards will surely invited you to replay your favorite levels over and over again which gives it a pretty good replay value. Heck, I would and will replay it just because it is an fun and awesome game to look at.

    Conclusion, Sin and Punishment is an amazing game. I don't know what else to say, I haven't felt this way about a shooter since playing Super C on NES, in my books it deserves a Cosmic Win on the Fail/Win scale.

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    Thanks for a very thorough review, Baboo. Reading your review gave me a good sense of what this game experience would be like. Thanks.

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    I played this briefly the other day and found it to be very boring and annoying but thats just my opinion.

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    Finally got this game to run. Anyways this is a fun game a bunch goinf on at once. It keeps you into the game. 6.5/10 good graphics
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    I hope it lasts longer than the original, which was done before you could get a cup of coffee in the morning.

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    I have this game, and I love it. I'm not even a rail shooter fan but this one is just fun to me. Have been trying to get my wife to play it with me

    Cool review also, thanks.


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