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    Full Brick

    hi is there a way i can un brick my wii i downgraded my wii from 4.2e to 3 and then it frooze so i re-booted it and now my controllers wont connect or get it to come up on my tv or is it knackered



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    downgrading is a big no no. If you don't have bootmii installed as boot2 then you're up a creek.

    1. Power on and see if your dvd light flashes once or twice quickly
    2. power on again while holding reset and see if priiloader comes up. (Probably won't i bet)

    I'm moving this to the bricked wii section

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    Newer (2009 onwards) Wiis are unable to be downgraded to anything lower than 3.4. A hardware change was made to these Wiis which prevent it.

    So in all likelihood you have now full bricked your Wii with no way of recovery.

    Use an Infectus NAND programmer to flash your carefully saved NAND image, if you have one. Will cost you, either to buy and solder it yourself or pay someone to do it for you.

    Or send it to Nintendo for repair.

    Or throw it in the bin.

    Up to you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobster69 View Post
    i downgraded my wii from 4.2e to 3...
    I'm curious - why did you do that?
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